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“It’s pronounced...’Al-uh-SHE-nuh’and it’ Q’uechua for ‘to become whole.’”

Although I wasn't born with the name, “Alishina,” it is my legal name now, and one that represents my shamanic death and rebirth, and most importantly, the reclamation of my Authentic Sexuality, and my Sacred Power.

Becoming Alishina has been the greatest creative "branding" project of my life.  It is the name that invokes my soul power, and more than anything… the name that invokes me as my true divine identity, not my past conditioning and trauma.  It was important for me to celebrate the sacred transformation that required more than 9 years of my life – to shed my past like the serpent sheds her skin, and claim my illumined black panther warrior within, and reclaim my joy and sacred power.

Once asleep in “The Matrix” slaving away at a Fortune 500 Technology Sales Corporation… I was building the cherished “American Dream” that we’ve all been programmed to seek. 11 years into my career, and 7 years into a traditional marriage to a women, I began to become very, very restless.

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“My soul was begging for liberation, cloaked in chronic depression and a slowly failing marriage to my best friend. On the outside, others were jealous of the life I had built... but on the inside, I was literally dying. And that’s when my life completely erupted...”

The Divine Disrupts My Path…

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By day I was putting on the suit and tie and doing the “yes ma’am drill” like clockwork. By night I was investing all of my energy into spiritual studies, which began with a strange fascination with shamanism, energy healing, and mysticism.

Being a willing slave to “The Matrix” allowed me to invest and develop my skills in human potential… and a VERY long list of certifications that I have no interest of listing here… as they are not what qualifies me as the potent transformational leader I have become.

Here’s what's most important to know about my journey from the corporate world to the life of liberation I now live… while helping others who are aligned with my soul medicine to take their own journey’s out of shame… and into Radical Truth and Personal Power.

I became an initiate of the Peruvian Shamanic path of Healing and Energy Medicine from the Andes Mountains – the Q'uechua natives in 2011. I then studied for two years at One Spirit Interfaith Seminary to become a spiritual life coach, while also pursuing my certification as an “Awakening Coach” and trauma-informed leadership training in Human Potential and BioEnergetics, with the intentions of supporting others on their path of healing and reclaiming their soul-power.

“All of this deep work led me to completely question my identity... including my sexuality, my purpose, and what I really wanted to do and become in my lifetime. Before then, I was simply a slave in the machine.”

My life blew apart in April of 2012 during a shamanic healing ceremony with sacred plant medicines (the medicines have been an absolute paramount part of my journey, but they are not for everyone, and with what I’ve learned now… I can create just as powerful transformations on my own, with my presence, my own energy, and the tools I have harvested and refined).

“My marriage was already on the rocks at the time, and during this ceremony I came face to face with my deepest fear… which was “What If I am Gay?” To me... it was a death sentence... and the absolute worst fate I could have imagined at the time...”

Eventually I surrendered to the Truth… and that’s when my Identity and my entire Reality blew apart like a bolt of LIGHTNING (yes, that’s how I got my last name). It was simultaneously the most liberating, but the most painful experience of my life. I saw all the pain that would result from me choosing to face and honor this truth (family members, etc)., but I knew what I needed to do.

Almost overnight I left my marriage and then I left my career… cashed out my $401K savings and spent the next 6 years on a global journey to reclaim my sexuality, heal my heart and soul, and get the bottom of EVERYTHING… so I could build a new life founded on Radical Truth, Freedom, and Personal Power.

The next 6 years were NOT easy. It truly was a Looooooong Dark Night of the Soul. My journey took me to Bali to study yoga, to many Burning Man’s to explore my true self-expression and sexuality, and to The Sacred Valley of Peru where I lived on and off for months at a time, doing deeper work with Shamans, and eventually cracking open an even greater Truth… that I was sexually abused as a child. YUP.

“While my global journey brought me to many talented spiritual teachers, mentors, healers, and transformational wizards... my greatest teacher was my OWN path of healing Shame, reclaiming my Sexuality, and "failing" many times in my own online business journey. What I do cannot be replicated because I am literally the embodiment of the frequency of Magick and Divinity Consciousness. Clients just  pay premium just to be in my field.”

Today, I continue to pursue my newfound passions of composing music, singing, and performing Glam Rock Music… with my first album to be released in 2021.

I have created my own Programs and technologies for liberating the Legend within… into The Spiritual Biz Accelerator, and several other products that are uniquely my own creation.

What’s so unique about my work is that it leverages the power of Intuition above Strategy. This is not “New Age” nonsense or “love and light” stuff that everyone else is teaching. I literally teach you how to REBOOT your consciousness at a root-code level, so that the shadows and fears that are causing struggle are permanently corrected. From here, your "Thunder Perfect Mind" is activated, providing access to The SuperConscious Mind, direct access to Source Wisdom, and the new "Dark Consciousness" everyone is talking about. ;-)

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