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Bring Your Magick to Market NOW!

Quantum Leap your brand visibility & magnetize your soul-coded clients with ease with Alishina's Signature Erotiq Biz Accelerator.  8-Weeks of Multidimensional Marketing Magic™ featuring The Client Soul-Code™ Method.... 

Are you in a rebirth or rebranding process? Activate Your Magick and Unleash Your True Unfiltered Voice into the world with the Accelerator...

Truth is the New Dark, and The Erotiq Biz Accelerator is a Quantum UnContainer to assist you in this transition… to Birth your Magick, Unleash your Multidimensional Marketing Brilliance, and generate $10K to $20k months organically, out of the gate.

The Erotiq Biz Accelerator includes support for…

  • 3 x 1:1 Calls / Month Plus Voxer Support
  • Birthing Your Legendary Brand Mythology™
  • Identifying all the Marketing Gold You’ll Ever Need
  • Unleash Your Erotic Marketing Muse (your unique marketing genius and messaging)
  • Clarify & NAIL Your Soul-Signature Offer (be totally turned ON by your biz)
  • Identify Your Client Soul-Code™ - the precise formula to manifest your dream clients
  • Loads of Multidimensional Marketing Magic
  • The Energetics of Intuitive Sales & Client Enrollments (how to sell without selling)
  • How to Disrupt Your Followers and become the Legend in your Playground
  • Activating "The Magician" to manifest your dream clients and desired income goals.
  • The Thunder Perfect Mind - how to slay fear and shadow and Activate Your Legendary Magick
  • And… 1:1 Lightning Coaching to Alchemize Fear & Shadow once and for all!!!

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Temple Erotiqa is Alishina's signature group mastermind for emerging legends to unlock the beast within and bring your legendary disruptive magick to market. 

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