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Angeline Kace, Multidimensional Oracle

"What I was looking for, that I knew I wouldn’t find from anyone else, is my individuation and empowerment of my own magick. Alishina helped me give birth to my brand mythology and download my soul-signature offer.  I am now attracting the most epic soul-coded clients into my field.

Being able to find my individuation in my own magick, birthing my voice, and accessing my highest expression of my unique magick, as a Multidimensional Oracle and Transformational Coach… were the reasons I invested in Alishina over all the other options out there.  There is no magic like Alishina magic.  He will literally make you squirt from how turned on you will be with your new business."

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Akasha NohAta, Multidimensional Priestess

"Working with Alishina was everything I hoping for in a coaching program.

Alishina is the embodiment of the sacred masculine and divine feminine coming into Union within his fierce, fun fiery heart.

Alishina has tons of tools in his kit that he had masterfully orchestrated in a way so unique, I now have the confidence to deliver content and a message to my clients that is beyond powerful. 

I am forever grateful for your time, dedication & service that you continue to put into yourself & humanity.

Big love to you my dark king!!!"

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Janet S. Ruiz, Embodiment Coach

“Working with Alishina is a seriously life changing amazing experience. You will embody your desires like a fucking Phoenix risen from the shame and victim ashes.

Alishina’s heart is such a pure embodiment of the Masculine/Feminine Christ Consciousness Union.

He will see straight through to you, clear the way like it’s nothing to come for you and walk you out onto the dance floor and spin your ass on stage and you’ll be having so much fun, feeling captivated and captivating all at the same time...

You look back a short time later and who you once were is not just completely unrecognizable... she’s fully recognized, RECLAIMED and liberated into full expression.

I was so deeply caged by trauma and anxiety and ever since our work together more and more of my days are spent getting chills all over my body from all the magic unleashing in my life within myself, my family and my soul family/clients.

He is pure fucking magic, soul family and someone I would wish on all humanity.

It still takes me time to process the ways in which he’s seen into my soul and made the process of quantum flight through intense trauma, fear and shame purging a HOT & HOLY PARTY.

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Seven Crow Medicine

“Alishina is a Goddess-send. He truly embodies both the Divine Masculine and the Feminine. He is the bridge women need to bring forward their power. I chose to work with him because of our alignment to serve the Divine Feminine. He has a way of staying present and receiving so I can express myself in the most authentic, raw, and true form of myself, unconditionally, and that is the most supportive, divinely held, and creative space I’ve ever been in. He knows how to get me to open to my truest self, without personal agenda, which is such an extraordinary experience and a gift in the “coaching” world. There’s nothing like the space he holds for the birthing of my voice and gifts.

On top of all of that, his design work is second-to-none. I call him “the spirit technological translator.” He has a way of taking a person’s passion and essence and turning it into literal color, symbols, and branding that tingles my whole body. He translates “Spirit” into technology, which is so important for the voice of The Divine Feminine. It’s a freaking pure magical gift that he has!”

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Paola Rodriguez Photography

“My experience with Alishina has been mind and business changing.
I am a wife, business owner, and woman that needed a therapist, coaching sessions, emotional support, and marketing and tech-savvy person to help me brand myself properly to rise and shine. Alishina is all of that and more. He has helped me to tap into my inner divine being to feel, manifest, and receive the abundance and greatness that is coming my way.
If you are considering this, but still nor sure, know that investing in yourself is the greatest decision. On the business side, scared money doesn’t make money! ”

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