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The Power Archetypes

This is how the core pillars of your consciousness (Self) manifest when they are in their fullness and in their "Light."


The Sovereign

Individuation & Vision


The Warrior

Action & Boundaries


The Magician

Transformation & Manifestation


The Lover

Standards & Values

The Fear Archetypes

This is how the core pillars of your consciousness (self) manifest when they are in "fear" or "shadow." 


The Dependent

Needs Permission


The Victim

Feels Powerless & Wounded


The Saboteur

Is Anxious & Self-Doubting


The Prostitute

Cares What Others Think

The Thunder Perfect Mind

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Decrees of Power

Activate and Alchemize each channel with these "Decrees of Power" using the absolute Thunderous Tone of Truth (In the beginning, there was the Word).

Voices of Fear

These are the corresponding voices of the fear archetypes... how to know what channel of fear/shadow you are in at the moment.  Notice, there is overlap, as fear tends to feed on itself, and spread itself out across all channels.  

Archetypes Explained

The following section explains each of the Power and Fear Archetypes in more detail.  

Sigils as Activation Portals

Each corresponding SIGIL can be used as a meditation device, or talisman that has been encoded to literally ACTIVATE the power archetypes within you.  You can right click on each image to download and meditate upon!

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The Lover & The Prostitute

The Lover is the first and most important pillar because everything else builds upon it... what you value, what your standards are, and what you assign "value" to.  The Lover is the Channel of "Instigation" because without being fully activated in what you value, desire, and require... you do not have the fire to fuel the other channels.

Your desire emerges from deep within your Womb (in both women and men), but when this desire is in "shadow," meaning it is repressed in your psyche and body (aka in "fear"), you descend into the shadow of "The Prostitute," the one who has unconsciously abandoned herself, her worth, and her true standards for the life she requires.  This is why The Prostitute is known as "The Soul Killer" because she has abandoned her true worth and is quick to sell herself out for the approval of others, including temporary sexual gain. 

When you are in your Prostitute energy, the biggest give-away is that you care what others think... you care what they think of you, of what you do, of what you say, and so on... The prostitute censors her own self-expression for the safety and approval of others, and she is also the source of addiction and codependency, as she has abandoned her Self to obtain the love she has forgotten can only come from one place... from her Own Source.  

While everyone wants to jump right to The Magician Archetype and create more magick in their lives, everyone starts here.  The Lover is the Foundational Pillar for a reason.  One of the fastest ways to activate and alchemize this channel is through "Erotic Alchemy," by channeling your OWN sexual energy through your body to clear blocks and run high-frequency Eros through your entire being.

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The Sovereign & The Dependent

Think of The Sovereign as the Captain of the Ship.  The Sovereign makes the commands, sets the Tone (based on The Lover's standards), and ultimately hands the Grand Vision over to the masculine pillars of the Warrior and the Magician to take action and manifest something from nothing. The Sovereign seeks no permission and knows that "permission" comes from within, and knows She has DIRECT access to Source wisdom and power.  Here, "No one, and no thing has any power over me."

Together, The Lover and The Sovereign form what is known as your "High Feminine Standards."  Think of your standards as your "thermostat" for what you require. The Sovereign does not "want" or "need."  The Sovereign requires and commands, while it is the shadow of the "Dependent" or "the Child" that still looks for permission to make his/her dream come to fruition.  Knowing your Standards and your Vision creates the foundation for your identity, which is why "The Dependent" is known as "The Identity Killer," the one who still seeks permission to do and become what she truly desires.

I refer to the fear or shadow archetype as "The Dependent" and not so much "the Child" as The Child is actually the Golden Thread throughout all 4 channels. The Divine Child is the gatekeeper to authentic desire, sexuality and play, and is "reborn" as The Magician when all 4 channels are fully activated.  The Divine Child, when moved out of shadow or fear, takes his/her rightful place on The Throne alongside the Sovereign King/Queen.  She is the advisor who sees without fear, with unbridled innocence, and has access to realms of imagination that the Self requires, and is the spark of True Magick and Manifestation without hesitation.

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The Warrior & The Victim

The Warrior is the Channel of Action and Boundaries, and activates the your Divine Will-Power, which is one-in-the-same as your personal will.  The Warrior lives in the solar plexus, informed by the raw desire of the Lover's Womb Wisdom, and will stop at nothing to create and stand for what she truly values.  

When in fear or shadow, The Victim becomes "The Body Killer," and is responsible for most issues related to sickness and dis-ease (especially cancer and auto-immune disorders).  "Victim Consciousness" is a rampant virus that runs in human tribal consciousness, and the belief that to be human means that we must endure suffering, that we must struggle, or that the world is out to get us.

The biggest give-away that you are in your Victim is feeling wounded, or that other people have caused your suffering.  When fully activated, The Warrior takes full responsibility for all "karmic" issues, specifically family-of-origin or childhood wounds.  The Warrior is a True Alchemist and knows how to "flip the lens" on repressed rage (powerlessness) and pain (feeling victimized), and process that toxic energy OUT of the system as pleasure, joy, and laughter.

The Warrior decrees, "Nobody gets through these dates without my approval.  I’m not responsible for your feelings, thoughts or reactions.  I’m here for ME, first and foremost, always. Everything I do, I do for ME... for MY dreams, for my pleasure, and for my well-being."  The Warrior protects the Kingdom, guards the Grand Vision, takes the inspired action, and creates the results.

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The Magician & The Saboteur

The Magician is ultimately your Spiritual Channel.  It is your direct access to Source, to the SuperConscious Mind, and to multidimensional realms.  The Magician is the channel for Manifestation and Transformation (which are essentially the same alchemical event).  The Magician realizes that SHE IS THE GAME.  She knows that she is The Creator of The Game, and that she literally creates that which she requires, since "Manifestation" is simply the creation of an "Experience," of Pure Energy.

The Magician is also the master of Time.  While the Warrior is master of Space and Resources, the Magician's realm is that of collapsing time, making connections on the synchronistic grid, and creating something out of nothing.  The arch nemesis of the Magician is The Saboteur.

The Saboteur is the one responsible for anxiety, self-doubt, self-sabotage, perfectionism, and unfortunately the one who doesn't believe in magick... which is why she is referred to as "The Mind Killer."  However, when the first 3 pillars of the Lover, Sovereign, and Warrior are strong, the Magician Mind begins to wake up, send signals to you, and prepare for an epic "choose-you-own" metaphysical adventure.

The Magician decrees, "I don’t need proof of my magic.  I know what I know. I am living, breathing, magic incarnate. I don’t have to see how it will all work out."  The Magician does not make sense, and runs in polar opposite thinking to how the Saboteur analytical mind operates.  Activating the Magician takes finesse, tenacity, and a willingness to shed your "human conditioning" and invite The Divine Child to fully emerge as the Activator of Magick she came to be.

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